Krav Maga Knife Defense Techniques- Chances Favor The Prepared Mind

Learning how to defend yourself is very crucial these days, especially towards all weapons that have sharp edges, knives especially. When learning a martial art, one of the most important factor you should focus on is learning how to defend against violent confrontation, for example an aggressor who is wielding a deadly weapon with intention to cause harm to you.

In reality, there is no such thing as fighting fair and square in the real world. In a melee combat, a knife wielder can be many times more dangerous than someone who is bare-handed or carrying a gun. Here in kravmagarock, there are some Krav Maga Knife Defense techniques you can use to get yourself to safety.


Understanding A Knife Attack

Before we go further down into talking about knife defense techniques, first we need to understand the difference between a knife attack and a knife threat. Most of the time, a knife attack is provoked by verbal confrontation. Before an actual knife attack begins, you should try to defuse the situation before it starts to become a physical combat with your potential aggressor. Continue reading “Krav Maga Knife Defense Techniques- Chances Favor The Prepared Mind”

Krav Maga Fighting Techniques- Ways To Fend Off Dangers For Anyone

As aforementioned back in my previous posts, Krav Maga can be a very efficient and effective fighting system when it comes to handling real life dangerous situations. I am not saying that you should purposely pick a fight with people after learning a thing or two about Krav Maga, but anyone can use it to protect yourself from imminent harm coming your way!

However, the most intelligent decision anyone can do is to avoid confrontation at all cost. But when push comes to shove, can you really defend yourself? That is a question worth asking to yourself.

Here in kravmagarock, I will show you how to use some Krav Maga fighting techniques for you to fend off hostile confrontation and running away from them safely, some moves that anyone can master even if you are not a trained martial artist!

Rule Of Thumb: Always Do Make A Solid Fist


Let’s say that there is a drunkard in front of you at a street late at night. You are alone with the drunkard and due to the person’s drunken stupor, he or she starts to become violent and trying to pick a fight with anyone on sight and the person is just right in front of you, waiting to attack you with a beer bottle in hand.

Continue reading “Krav Maga Fighting Techniques- Ways To Fend Off Dangers For Anyone”

Krav Maga Grading System- Advancement from Practitioner to Graduate to Expert

Some, if not most of the Krav Maga corporations and organizations in Israel and other parts in the world are using Imi Lichtenfeld’s primordial color belt grading system to determine the level of their students which is based similarly on Judo’s ranked system.

It started off with white belt first, followed by yellow, then orange, green, blue, brown and finally black. As for black belt achievers, the students are able to move up their ranks ranging from 1st Dan all the way to the 9th, and of course the time and space required for advancement to higher ranks differ between several corporations and organizations in the world.

Eyal Yanilov, the co-founder and Chief Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), developed a patch system as a grading system for students back in the 1980s. This grading system is currently used in Krav Maga Institutes outside of Israel and other parts of the world as well instead of using the colored belt system. In Israel, the colored belt is still used, but the qualified instructors wear them only on special occasions. The Krav Maga Grading System is divided into three main categories- Practitioner, Graduate and Expert levels.

As for the three main categories, they are structured into five levels at each of the category, and every level has a specific training curriculum requirements and expectations for the Krav Maga students.

Practitioner Level (P1 to P5)


Consisted of the majority of students in the Krav Maga community around the world, it starts off with Practitioner grading level for students learning the Krav Maga martial art. It starts off with grade P1 all the way to grade P5 and it is the core of the Krav Maga system.

Practitioner’s grading patch is printed with gold with slim, black bar that represents their level. For example, if a student is of grade P2, he or she will have 2 bars below a letter “P”, which means that he or she is of Practitioner Level 2 (P2).

Students of Practitioner Level wear uniforms that have white trim and logos printed on a black attire. In this level, students have the basic competencies of defending against the most recurrent and common attacks, as well as having built their individual basic fighting skills and knowing how to steer clear from undesirable situation or how to react after a violent confrontation.

Students of this level are also expected to have higher level of strength, fitness, flexibility and mental determination as compared to those who just started out in Krav Maga.

Graduate Level (G1 to G5)



After the level Practitioner 5 (P5) will be the next level which is the Graduate. To advance from the Practitioner level to the Graduate, it is expected for a student to take about half a year to a year period of continuous training. Students that earned their way into this category are expected to display proficiency in all the Practitioner level techniques and continue to uphold those skills on a high level whilst transiting through the Graduate level.

The majority of Krav Maga Instructors world-wide are of Graduate level and they are certified to teach Krav Maga for civilians. However, it is still a requirement for them to partake in the Instructor Training Course with a mandatory Pass before they can be certified as a qualified instructor. That being said, holding a Graduate level rank does not automatically place you into an Instructor role.

In the Graduate level syllabus, the students will be focusing more on developing their individual fighting skills with an advanced level as compared to a Practitioner Level and also, they will move on to learn how to deal with more complex threatening situations.

As for those students who opted to go for the Instructors path, they will be wearing red trim and logos printed on black attires. As for those who chose not to become an instructor, they will not be wearing those attires at all. As for the Graduate Level grading patch, it is printed with cobalt blue with slim, black bar below a letter “G”. For example, if a student has two slim, black bars below the letter “G” printed on the patch, it means that he or she is of Graduate Level 2 (G2).

Expert Level (E1 to E5)



After a student achieves Graduate Level 5 (G5), he or she can embark onto the next higher level which is the Expert. It normally takes between one to four years to advance from G5 to Expert One (E1), and from one Expert level to the another.

As for the Expert Level grading patch, it is printed with gold with slim, red bars below a letter “E”. For example, if a person has two slim, red bars below the letter “E” printed on the patch, it means that he or she is of Expert Level 2 (E2).

In order for a student to progress to Expert Level, he or she has to demonstrate all the technical, physical and fighting competencies in all the Practitioner and Graduate Level syllabus at all times and she or she must prove to possess outstanding fighting skills in Krav Maga.

Instructors who earned their way into Expert Level are of high level- additionally to their civilian qualifications, they specialize in assisting and coaching the Special Forces in the military, the SWAT, VIP bodyguards, as well as the Counter-Terrorism Special Police Units of the countries they are in.

Master Level (1 to 3)

In addition, beyond Expert Level 5 (E5), there are three Master Level grading system but this rank is only held by a handful group of martial art individuals who dedicated their lifetime to the martial art and contributed immensely to the teachings and promoting of Krav Maga world-wide. It is sort of similar to a person who achieves a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Krav Maga.

There is no competency selection test for Master Level grade, and all Master Level ranks can only be awarded by Eyal Yanilov, who is of Master Level 3 awarded by Imi Lichtenfeld himself.

Another one of the most famous Martial Artist who is holding the Master Level rank is Haim Gidon. Hailed as the Grand Master of Krav Maga after the passing of Imi Lichtenfeld, he is the successor of the latter in the Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA). He currently holds the highest ranking record in Krav Maga with a 10th degree black belt in the Martial Art.

Training Programs for Government Sectors

Some Krav Maga organization out there designed training programs to assist in providing Krav Maga fighting techniques and training for the military personnel from the Government Sectors. Krav Maga Global (KMG) is one of the organization who are having this right now. Upon completion of the Krav Maga training programs, the military or armed personnel from the Government Sectors will receive separate sets of level grading.

In KMG, they award three levels of Fighter diploma and also, three levels of Warrior diploma to the military personnel upon the successful completion of their Fighter and Warrior Krav Maga courses.

Skills Are More Important Than Rank

By understanding the different advancements of the Krav Maga grading system, it is good for students’ training experience and also, it gives a student an indication of what is their current level of abilities and capabilities to defend themselves at their respective period.

By setting goals to advance within the grading system, it will be a good way to keep the students motivated when they go for Krav Maga training.

However, like my instructor told me just recently, holding a rank may look good on paper, but it is not your rank that is going to help save your life if you are being cornered in a street fight or facing an impending violent confrontation right in front of your eyes.

It is all about skills that will supplement your basic instincts for survival when being forced into those unforeseen circumstances.

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Origin Of Krav Maga- Beginnings Of The Dynamical & Evolutionary Martial Art

Before you start to enroll into any form of martial arts classes, be sure to always do your homework about the history behind them first. It will definitely give you a better understanding behind the idea and accounts of every martial arts and how they were first created. You have to understand how did the martial arts founders created their defenses against weapons, fists and kicks, as well as how did the martial arts founders created their different ways of striking against opponents or violent confrontations.

That way, it will give you the purpose of why did you choose the martial arts in the first place and you will appreciate how every striking and defense techniques of the martial arts come about.

As for me, I have personally chosen Krav Maga as the martial arts that I wanted to learn because of its rich history and heritage behind it. Without further ado, let’s move on to the origin of Krav Maga, the most practical and realistic fighting martial arts system in the modern world which is suitable for everyone to learn!

Krav Maga’s Founder- Imi Lichtenfeld

Born to a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest back in 26 May 1910, his father, Samuel Lichtenfeld taught him basic skills on self defense since he was young. As a Chief Inspector and a former circus acrobat, his father taught him those self defense skills in a gym owned by his father.

It came to a no surprise that Imi Lichtenfeld grew up to be proactive in wrestling, boxing and gymnastics, He went on to become an internationally renowned successful wrestler, boxer and gymnast at his youth.

As a member of the Slovak National Wrestling Team, Imi Lichtenfeld represented his country and competed at both international and national competitive levels.

Back in the year 1928, he managed to win the Slovak Youth Wrestling Championship and the following year, he won the Adult Wrestling Championship categorized in the light and middleweight divisions. Not to be undone by his already impressive feat, he also won the International Gymnastics and the National Boxing Championships at the same year itself.

Imi Lichtenfeld passed away in the year 1998, aged 87 in Netanya, Israel and he created a legacy of being the father of the Krav Maga martial art.

Development Of The Martial Art- Krav Maga

In the mid 1930s, anti-Semitic riots sparked by the National Socialist Party and anti-Semitic hoodlums started to terrorize the lives of the Jewish civilians of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Imi Lichtenfeld opted to take the decision to become the leader of a bunch of Jewish civilians who were mainly boxers and wrestlers to confront the violent threats of the members of National Socialist Party and also the anti-Semitic hoodlums on the streets of the Jewish neighborhood.

However, Imi Lichtenfeld came to an eventual epiphany soon after that using competitive sports fighting techniques such as the ones from wrestling and boxing on street fights were not very practical and conducive to counter the aggressive and barbaric nature of them.

It was then that he began to amend and rethink about his ideas of ways of fighting on the streets and created a more practical way of skills and techniques that would eventually become known world-wide as Krav Maga.

During the darkest period of World War II, Imi Lichtenfeld also fought in Egypt and fought for Israel’s Independence until the year 1948, giving him further opportunities to test the effectiveness of the more effective skills and techniques he created beforehand in real life conflicts.

Imi Lichtenfeld further went on to refine and developed efficient and more practical methods for self defense and hand-to-hand combat back when the State of Israel and the Isreali Defense Force (IDF) were founded in 1948. He joined as a Chief Instructor for the IDF and passed on those techniques he refined to his students at the later stages of his life.

A Martial Art Meant For Everyone

As I have previously mentioned back in my last post, Krav Maga is definitely a continuously evolving martial art system that can be used for self defense and also nullify violent confrontations effectively and efficiently in real life situations.

It is a dynamic martial art system combining techniques and philosophy from martial arts and fight training. Krav Maga is designed to be practical and congenital for men and women of any age or different shapes and sizes or even children.

It is certainly to your advantage if you are still young and fit, but Krav Maga is for everyone who is willing to make the time and effort to learn. The only thing you have to worry about is taking up a martial art requires countless hours of constant practicing after classes so that the moves will be of second nature to you.

Training Levels Of Krav Maga

If you decide on signing up your name into a Krav Maga school in your local area, you will expect structured lessons and rankings catered to their students, which is necessary for them to have a comprehension of what is going to be expected of them.

There are tons of certified and qualified Krav Maga instructors in the world right now and you do not have to worry not getting to find one Krav Maga school in your area! In most of the schools, you will expect that the training schedules will be separated into grades and levels, ranging from adults to military personnel to women only and also to children.


What to expect for training schedules in a Krav Maga school:

  • Physical and mental discipline and mastery
  • Avoidance, prevention followed by de-escalation
  • Honing self-defense skills with regard to attacks from different directions and angles
  • Honing self-defense skills with regard to unarmed attacks such as kicks and punches
  • Dealing with more than one confrontation
  • Swift execution of strikes and counter-attack from various position and angles
  • Using of all sorts of items or objects for self-defense
  • Defend and disarm multiple armed objects, such as knives, long weapons and also firearms
  • Honing ability to execute different techniques successfully under stressful situations
  • Release from chokes, grabs and holds
  • Third party protection (Removing threats from hostage and bringing them to safety)
  • Proper fighting skills and techniques to execute if you are caught in a street fight

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About Vinc

Greetings, and welcome to my website. Here in kravmagarock, I am going to share with you everything I have learned from my Krav Maga trainings, and also I want to offer some insights into many of the self-defense techniques used in Krav Maga, as well as the principles and updated tips the pro Krav Maga practitioners are using these days.


A Little Story About My Life

I grew up watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan’s action movies. They are my childhood heroes and I still remembered fondly how they always combined humor and martial arts perfectly together in all of their movies, fighting off all the villains and saving the damsels in distress.

I feel that my childhood heroes indirectly taught me valuable lessons about having the strength and courage to stand up against adversities in life and how discipline is a core value in life we should always adopt. Without discipline, no matter what we do or want to achieve will bound to end up in failure.

When I was young and still in Primary School, I literally saved up my allowances, skipped meals almost everyday just to go to local DVD shops to purchase my childhood heroes’ movies. There was no YouTube back then, but I loved watching their movies so much that I would be willing to go hungry just to go home straight after school, turn on the TV immediately and watch their movies at home!

Just until recently, I decided to pick up Krav Maga as a sport. I enrolled into a Krav Maga school and I love it so much that I have been attending the lessons every day!

I love my new-found passion and I am focused everyday on improving my techniques I have learned in those lessons so far. On top of that, I am able to keep fit while working out on my passion, so its killing two birds in one stone!


Self-Defense For A Better Good

Let’s face the fact- there are times whereby you will tend to feel vulnerable in threatening situations. For instance, when you are walking innocently along the streets and there is a drunkard holding a weapon trying to pick a fight with everyone, or when you are jogging on a pathway late at night and there are assailants ambushing you, waiting to pounce on you.

All of us are unable to guarantee that everywhere we go to is always 100% safe. Violent crimes will bound to happen sometime or another, and who knows you might be the unlucky and unfortunate victim sucked into the circumstances one fine day.

In essence, self-defense has been an increasing need to everyone. There is a wise phrase saying, “It is better to be safe than sorry”. I think that this phrase is very meaningful on its own. Akin to most of the martial arts in the current world, Krav Maga teaches its students on how to defend against all sorts of attacks and counter-attack in the fastest and most efficient ways.

Krav Maga is also suitable for everyone too- be it men, women, children or even mature adults. Although Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art or sport unlike the rest, it is a practical self-defense and fighting system that can be applied to deal with all sorts of potential violent confrontations.

Goal For Kravmagarock

Kravmagarock aims to provide facts and information with regard to Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense and fighting system derived from Imi Lichtenfeld. It offers insights into many of the self-defense techniques used in krav maga these days, as well as the principles and updated tips the pro Krav Maga practitioners are using currently.

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