Origin Of Krav Maga- Beginnings Of The Dynamical & Evolutionary Martial Art

Before you start to enroll into any form of martial arts classes, be sure to always do your homework about the history behind them first. It will definitely give you a better understanding behind the idea and accounts of every martial arts and how they were first created. You have to understand how did the martial arts founders created their defenses against weapons, fists and kicks, as well as how did the martial arts founders created their different ways of striking against opponents or violent confrontations.

That way, it will give you the purpose of why did you choose the martial arts in the first place and you will appreciate how every striking and defense techniques of the martial arts come about.

As for me, I have personally chosen Krav Maga as the martial arts that I wanted to learn because of its rich history and heritage behind it. Without further ado, let’s move on to the origin of Krav Maga, the most practical and realistic fighting martial arts system in the modern world which is suitable for everyone to learn!

Krav Maga’s Founder- Imi Lichtenfeld

Born to a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest back in 26 May 1910, his father, Samuel Lichtenfeld taught him basic skills on self defense since he was young. As a Chief Inspector and a former circus acrobat, his father taught him those self defense skills in a gym owned by his father.

It came to a no surprise that Imi Lichtenfeld grew up to be proactive in wrestling, boxing and gymnastics, He went on to become an internationally renowned successful wrestler, boxer and gymnast at his youth.

As a member of the Slovak National Wrestling Team, Imi Lichtenfeld represented his country and competed at both international and national competitive levels.

Back in the year 1928, he managed to win the Slovak Youth Wrestling Championship and the following year, he won the Adult Wrestling Championship categorized in the light and middleweight divisions. Not to be undone by his already impressive feat, he also won the International Gymnastics and the National Boxing Championships at the same year itself.

Imi Lichtenfeld passed away in the year 1998, aged 87 in Netanya, Israel and he created a legacy of being the father of the Krav Maga martial art.

Development Of The Martial Art- Krav Maga

In the mid 1930s, anti-Semitic riots sparked by the National Socialist Party and anti-Semitic hoodlums started to terrorize the lives of the Jewish civilians of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Imi Lichtenfeld opted to take the decision to become the leader of a bunch of Jewish civilians who were mainly boxers and wrestlers to confront the violent threats of the members of National Socialist Party and also the anti-Semitic hoodlums on the streets of the Jewish neighborhood.

However, Imi Lichtenfeld came to an eventual epiphany soon after that using competitive sports fighting techniques such as the ones from wrestling and boxing on street fights were not very practical and conducive to counter the aggressive and barbaric nature of them.

It was then that he began to amend and rethink about his ideas of ways of fighting on the streets and created a more practical way of skills and techniques that would eventually become known world-wide as Krav Maga.

During the darkest period of World War II, Imi Lichtenfeld also fought in Egypt and fought for Israel’s Independence until the year 1948, giving him further opportunities to test the effectiveness of the more effective skills and techniques he created beforehand in real life conflicts.

Imi Lichtenfeld further went on to refine and developed efficient and more practical methods for self defense and hand-to-hand combat back when the State of Israel and the Isreali Defense Force (IDF) were founded in 1948. He joined as a Chief Instructor for the IDF and passed on those techniques he refined to his students at the later stages of his life.

A Martial Art Meant For Everyone

As I have previously mentioned back in my last post, Krav Maga is definitely a continuously evolving martial art system that can be used for self defense and also nullify violent confrontations effectively and efficiently in real life situations.

It is a dynamic martial art system combining techniques and philosophy from martial arts and fight training. Krav Maga is designed to be practical and congenital for men and women of any age or different shapes and sizes or even children.

It is certainly to your advantage if you are still young and fit, but Krav Maga is for everyone who is willing to make the time and effort to learn. The only thing you have to worry about is taking up a martial art requires countless hours of constant practicing after classes so that the moves will be of second nature to you.

Training Levels Of Krav Maga

If you decide on signing up your name into a Krav Maga school in your local area, you will expect structured lessons and rankings catered to their students, which is necessary for them to have a comprehension of what is going to be expected of them.

There are tons of certified and qualified Krav Maga instructors in the world right now and you do not have to worry not getting to find one Krav Maga school in your area! In most of the schools, you will expect that the training schedules will be separated into grades and levels, ranging from adults to military personnel to women only and also to children.


What to expect for training schedules in a Krav Maga school:

  • Physical and mental discipline and mastery
  • Avoidance, prevention followed by de-escalation
  • Honing self-defense skills with regard to attacks from different directions and angles
  • Honing self-defense skills with regard to unarmed attacks such as kicks and punches
  • Dealing with more than one confrontation
  • Swift execution of strikes and counter-attack from various position and angles
  • Using of all sorts of items or objects for self-defense
  • Defend and disarm multiple armed objects, such as knives, long weapons and also firearms
  • Honing ability to execute different techniques successfully under stressful situations
  • Release from chokes, grabs and holds
  • Third party protection (Removing threats from hostage and bringing them to safety)
  • Proper fighting skills and techniques to execute if you are caught in a street fight

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2 thoughts on “Origin Of Krav Maga- Beginnings Of The Dynamical & Evolutionary Martial Art”

  1. This is one martial art that I have not really hear about. It’s relatively modern compared to the other more traditional styles like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, etc. However, I guess that because it is based on a blend of different disciplines, with more added to it, that it is a very effective style. Being young, Krav Maga would also escape the rigid disciplines of some of the older styles that try and remain authentic instead of keeping up with the times. Would Karv Maga be similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do? I’ll go and do some more research.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      No, Krav Maga is not similar to Jeet Kun Do. It is a form of fighting system derived with a combination of wrestling, judo, karate, boxing and Aikido and also along with realistic fight training.

      However, Krav Maga of today is constantly evolving with updated techniques so as to promote increased effectiveness and swift counter-attacks when one is faced with violent confrontations.

      You should try Krav Maga out too!



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